NBA Matchup: Los Angeles Clippers @ Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Clippers at Los Angeles Lakers Fri. Feb. 25, 2011 10:30 p.m. EST

The Los Angeles Clippers are arguably a team on the rise in the Western Conference as they have seen rookie phenom Blake Griffin quickly emerge as a superstar in this league and shooting guard Eric Gordon become one of the best scorers in the NBA. Even though Gordon has been out with injury and Griffin isn’t really getting much help in the scoring department without him, this team does look promising moving forward.

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 27:  Blake Griffin #...

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On Weds. Feb. 24, the Clippers made a surprising trade just before the NBA trade deadline. Even though it seemed like center Chris Kaman would be the most likely candidate to be shipped out of Los Angeles before the deadline, former All-Star point guard Baron Davis turned out to be the Clippers biggest bargaining chip as they sent him the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In exchange for Baron Davis and a 2011 first-round draft pick, the Los Angeles Clippers received point guard Mo Williams and small forward Jamario Moon. This was a surprise to say the least as Davis was just starting to get going for the first time with the Clippers as he and Griffin became a deadly duo.

So even though Davis’ future with the Clippers was starting to look up, they decided to take the team in another direction and get rid of Baron’s huge contract in the process.

On Friday night, the Los Angeles Clippers will be the visiting team at Staples Center as they are set to take on the two-time defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers for the third time this season. Ironically enough, the Clippers have given the Lakers a run for their money in all three games this season and might be able to do the same this time around.

Both Williams and Moon should be available for this season’s third Battle of Los Angeles, but just like any trades that go down in the NBA, this will take some time before the Clippers can strike up some team chemistry.

With just 24 games left in the NBA regular season, the Los Angeles Clippers will do everything within their power to contend for the eighth and final playoff spot in the West, but their chances are slim to none right now as they are currently sitting in 13th place in the Western Conference with a 21-37 record.

LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 08:  Blake Griffin ...

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The Los Angeles Lakers will almost certainly be favored to come out on top in this one as they are on a bit of a roll right now. With a 24-point blowout against the Atlanta Hawks followed by an overtime win at the Rose Garden against the Portland Trail Blazers, the defending champs are seemingly back on track and could be ready to pull off another blowout against their cross-town rivals.

This should be an entertaining game with Blake Griffin and Kobe Bryant going back and forth, but with the recent trade made by the Clippers, I believe they will struggle with team chemistry and should fall fairly easy to their big brothers.

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NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony to the Clippers?

Every single year around this time in the NBA regular season, trade rumors start to circulate around the league as struggling teams try to do what they can before the NBA trade deadline to make their squad better and a legitimate playoff.

Usually when the trade rumors start to circulate there might be one or two big-names on the market. Even though these players are “big-names”, few are actual game changers in terms of single handedly turning around an NBA franchise. This year there is an exception as the Denver Nuggets All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony is reportedly available and ready to leave the Mile High City.

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Carmelo Anthony, Denver Nuggets

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Before this NBA regular season even began, Carmelo Anthony was offered a three-year contract extension for $65 million dollars. This is huge extension to say the least as not many teams around the league are willing to make this kind of commitment to a player, but the Denver Nuggets know what they have in Melo and didn’t want him to become a free agent before the 2011-2012 season.

Whenever a player like Melo becomes available all the teams in need of a player of his caliber will do anything within their power to get him. Obviously, the Mile High City isn’t exactly the most desirable destination for big-name players like Melo when you have places like New York, Los Angeles and Miami as options.

Over the past couple of months, Melo has been linked to a deal sending him to either the New Jersey Nets or the New York Knicks. Well, after some time and plenty of different offers that were declined, the Nets decided to pass on Melo leaving the New York to be his most likely destination.

To make things even more complicated and intriguing, the two-time defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers were reportedly interested in trading their promising young center Andrew Bynum to Denver in exchange for Carmelo Anthony. With the Lakers recent struggles and inability to beat good teams, the rumors seemed to be for real, but with a win over the Celtics recently, the talks to bring Melo to L.A. could be dead.

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Even though the Lakers may have lost their interest in Carmelo Anthony after their recent resurgence, the All-Star forward might still be headed to Los Angeles, but in a Clippers uniform.

This trade rumor may be the biggest stretch of any we have heard involving Carmelo Anthony, but there may be some truth to it and a slight possibility that it could go down. The most intriguing and exciting part of this possible trade would be seeing Carmelo Anthony playing alongside Baron Davis, Eric Gordon, DeAndre Jordan and most notably rookie phenom Blake Griffin.

If this trade did go down which reportedly would include center Chris Kaman, rookie Al-Farouq Aminu and draft picks, the Clippers would be a legitimate force to be reckoned with in the Western Conference.

Obviously, this is a stretch, but if it did happen the Clippers could quite possibly be the most entertaining team in the league!

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Ray Allen passes Reggie Miller for most 3-pointers all-time

Throughout his entire career in the NBA and during his time with the UConn Huskies in college, Ray Allen has been known for his sweet shooting stroke and ability to hit the big three at the right time. Even though the sharpshooter didn’t have much success with the Milwaukee Bucks or the Seattle Supersonics (Oklahoma City Thunder) early in this career in terms of playoff appearances, the deadly accurate outside shooter has quickly become a legend with the Boston Celtics.

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Not only has Allen become one of the vital pieces to the puzzle in Boston and could be on his way to his second NBA title this season, the All-Star guard made his this past Thursday against the Los Angeles Lakers by hitting two three-pointers in the first quarter and officially passing NBA legend Reggie Miller on the all-time list for 3-pointers made.

Here is the current list:

  1. Ray Allen, Boston Celtics- 2,562 (active)
  2. Reggie Miller, Indiana Pacers- 2,560
  3. Jason Kidd, Dallas Mavericks- 1,754 (active)
  4. Dale Ellis, Denver Nuggets/Seattle Supersonics/New Orleans Hornets- 1,719
  5. Peja Stojakovic, Dallas Mavericks- 1,719 (active)
  6. Chauncey Billups, Denver Nuggets- 1,690 (active)
  7. Rashard Lewis, Washington Wizards- 1,667 (active)
  8. Jason Terry, Dallas Mavericks- 1,599 (active)
  9. Glen Rice, Miami Heat/Charlotte Hornets/Los Angeles Lakers- 1,546
  10. Eddie Jones, Los Angeles Lakers/Miami Heat- 1,546

Other actives: 12. Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns & Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics (1,541); 19. Vince Carter, Phoenix Suns (1,383); 20. Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers (1,370)

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Ray Allen

Image by Keith Allison via Flickr

With 2,561 3-pointers, Ray Allen is now the new leader in that category and has set an NBA record that will almost certainly stand the test of time. Not only has Allen set record in the first half of this NBA regular season, but with his knack for staying healthy and on the basketball floor every single night, the Celtics’ guard as has an opportunity to possibly stretch that record to 3,000 three-pointers made for his career.

Obviously, hitting another 400+ 3-pointers in the next few years might be a bit of a stretch as he is nearing the end of his NBA career, but he still seems to be playing at a very high level and could make this record near unreachable for the sharpshooters of the future.

As for the Boston Celtics right now, they were unable to get the win against the arch rival Los Angeles Lakers 92-86. Despite not being able to get the best arguably one of the teams in the Western Conference and falling the Charlotte Bobcats before that game, Ray Allen and company are sitting pretty right now and could quite possibly be the best team in the Eastern Conference heading into the All-Star break.

With teams like the Chicago Bulls, Orlando Magic and the Miami Heat in the East, the Boston Celtics will have their work cut out for them in order to reach the NBA Finals for a second consecutive year.

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Jerry Sloan steps down as head coach of the Utah Jazz

The one job in professional that is as cutthroat as any today is the head coach position. No matter how good their players may be or how good their team is from season to season, head coaches always seem to be on the hot seat as one season they could be the coach of the year and the next season unemployed.

Every now and then, there is a head coach that can defy the odds and be the face of the franchise for years or maybe even decades. In the NFL, it was the Tennessee Titans’ Jeff Fisher. With 16 seasons on the Titans’ sidelines, Fisher has been able to stand the test of time, but recently stepped down because he felt it was time to leave Tennessee.

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In the NBA, the same thing has happen as Jerry Sloan of the Utah Jazz has finally decided to call it quits. After 23 years as the head coach of the Utah Jazz and 26 years of coaching in the NBA, Jerry Sloan has decided to throw in the towel as he feels that it is time to go. Even though Sloan has been regarded as one of the best NBA head coaches of all-time, the longest tenured head coach never won the Coach of the Year or an NBA title.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - DECEMBER 8: Head coach of...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Despite not having the titles or the awards to cement his career amongst the likes of Red Auerbach and Phil Jackson, Jerry Sloan has the respect of everyone in the league and retired NBA legends.

Along with always being able to get the Utah Jazz in the playoffs ever single season, Sloan has also coached some very talented players like Hall of Famers John Stockton, Karl Malone and current players like Carlos Boozer and Deron Williams.

Reportedly, the reason for Jerry Sloan’s sudden resignation was due to a dust up with his point guard Deron Williams during the loss to the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday night. This was somewhat ironic as Sloan played for the Bulls in his playing days and lost to Chicago in the only two NBA Finals appearances with the Jazz.

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Like many old school head coaches that have been around forever in professional sports, they like doing things their way and only their way. It hard to argue with head coaches like Jerry Sloan as they have been so successful for such a long time, but there always comes a point in time where the old philosophy just isn’t working and the players aren’t responding.

Unfortunately for Jerry Sloan, that time came against the Chicago Bulls on Thursday and it was enough to retire from the head coaching profession after 26 years on the sidelines in the NBA.

So after 26 years of head coaching in the league, Jerry Sloan will finish his head coaching career with 1,221 wins (1,127 with the Utah Jazz) and third on the all-time wins list behind Lenny Wilkins (1,332) and Don Nelson (1,335).

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NBA Power Rankings: Chicago Bulls jump to third

#1 San Antonio Spurs (46-10)

The Spurs may have may suffered a disappointing loss to the Bulls heading into the All-Star break, but they are still without a doubt the best team in the league and a sure bet to come out on top on a nightly basis. If the two-time defending NBA champion Lakers can get back on track in the second half of the season, San Antonio might be in for a challenge, but they seem to have the top seed in the West wrapped up.

#2 Dallas Mavericks (40-16)

The Mavs are putting on a show once again during the NBA regular season as they are sitting comfortably in the second seed in the West. A trade might be on the horizon however as Mark Cuban never seems content with his squad, but regardless of moves they may make, they are going to be tough to beat this time around.

As long as this team stays healthy, the Mavs will be a force to be reckoned with in the West come playoff time. The Lakers might be able to compete for the second spot, but the most likely scenario will be Dallas at the second spot in the West.

#3 Chicago Bulls (38-16)

BOSTON - APRIL 18:  Rajon Rondo #9 of the Bost...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

As arguably the new best point guard in the NBA, Derrick Rose has quickly become the leader of this team and the face of the franchise. Along with leading Chicago to an impressive 38-16 record, Rose is the league’s frontrunner for NBA MVP.

With Joakim Noah healthy and ready to play alongside Carlos Boozer, this team will only get better throughout the second half of the season.

#4 Boston Celtics (40-14)

In my opinion, the Celtics should be #2 on this list as they are playing arguably some of the best team basketball in this league, but they have hit a few bumps in the road. In the end, Boston will be the beast of the East and the top seed in the conference.

As long as they can stay healthy and continue to play at a high level, the Celtics will be tough to beat from here on out and might be headed for their third NBA Finals appearance in four years.

#5 Miami Heat (41-15)

Not sure why the Heat are fifth on this list, but with a record of 41-15 they have a legitimate shot of being a high seed in the East when it is all said and done. With the losses to the Celtics earlier in the season, it will make it tough for LeBron James and company to contend for the top spot in the East, but they will almost certainly be a force to be reckoned with when they get into the postseason.

#6-10 Orlando Magic (36-21), Los Angeles Lakers (38-19), Oklahoma City Thunder (35-19), Portland Trail Blazers (32-24) and Memphis Grizzlies (31-26)

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NBA Trade: Utah Jazz trade All-Star point guard Deron Williams to New Jersey Nets

Over the past couple of decades, the Utah Jazz have been one of the better teams in the Western Conference as they have appeared in two NBA Finals, always have one or two All-Stars each season and have had the longest tenured head coach in the league in Jerry Sloan (23 years). With that being said, the Jazz have always been considered to be a force to be reckoned with in the Western Conference with a legitimate shot to contend for NBA title, but this season there have been some drastic changes in Utah that no one saw coming.

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9 on 8

Image by kris247 via Flickr

Even though the Jazz have been a competitive basketball team in the West all season long, the first domino to fall in Utah was the head coach as Jerry Sloan decided to call it quits as a loss to his former team in the Chicago Bulls back on Feb. 8. Since that time, the Utah Jazz haven’t been able to win a game as they have lost four in a row (including loss to Bulls) with two losses to the Phoenix Suns and one against the Golden State Warriors.

Needless to say, the Utah Jazz have started to feel a sense of urgency as they have obviously lost their mojo without their leader on the sidelines. One of the main reasons for the departure of head coach Jerry Sloan was an argument with superstar point guard Deron Williams at halftime in the loss to the Chicago Bulls.

Once Sloan decided to resign from the Jazz after the loss to the Bulls, much of the blame was put on Williams as people were saying that the All-Star point guard may have pushed the veteran coach over the edge. These reports were denied of course, but on Weds. Feb. 23 things started to get even more interesting in Salt Lake City as the Jazz decided to trade away their face of the franchise to the New Jersey Nets.

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There was some speculation that Deron Williams might be on the trading block due to his recent dustup with Jerry Sloan and the fact that the team wasn’t confident that he would sign a contract extension, but with the Carmelo Anthony trade to New York going down, Utah was able to fly under the radar.

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 21:  Deron Williams #8...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Reportedly, the Utah Jazz have traded Deron Williams to the New Jersey Nets in exchange for point guard Devin Harris, rookie Derrick Favors and two first-round draft picks. There will also be some cash considerations involved in this deal.

The New Jersey Nets made another trade on Wednesday sending forward Troy Murphy to the Golden State Warriors in exchange for center Dan Gadzuric and forward Brandan Wright. There has also been talk of point guard Jordan Farmar heading back to the Los Angeles Lakers, but it is uncertain whether or not that deal will go down.

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NBA Matchup: Milwaukee Bucks @ New York Knicks

Milwaukee Bucks at New York Knicks Weds. Feb. 23, 2011 7:30 p.m. EST

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 23:  Chauncey Billups ...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

The New York Knicks made some pretty big headlines yesterday when they were finally able to get a deal done to bring superstar forward Carmelo Anthony to the Big Apple from the Denver Nuggets. Not only were they able to bring another big-name to play alongside Amare Stoudemire at Madison Square Garden, but they were also able to bring in some veteran leadership as well in the form of NBA champion point guard Chauncey Billups.

It could be argued that the New York Knicks gave up too much for the All-Star forward as they did have to part ways with promising young players like Raymond Felton, Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari to get a deal done, but they may have cemented their future with another superstar.

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Not only will Carmelo Anthony give the New York Knicks the much needed star power that flourishes in the Big Apple, but the addition of Melo could potentially bring in more big-names in the offseason like Deron Williams, Steve Nash (via trade) or Chris Paul. Those are just three of plenty of players that could end up with the Knicks in the next free agent period or via trade, but one thing is for certain, New York is finally relevant again in the basketball world.

Even though sometimes it can take a week or so to get a new big-name acquisition on the floor, the New York Knicks might have their new superstar in uniform and ready to go this Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden against the Milwaukee Bucks.

This could be the perfect way to usher in Carmelo Anthony to the New York Knicks as the Milwaukee Bucks aren’t exactly the Boston Celtics and with New York taking on LeBron James and the Miami Heat this Sunday; this could be a good way to get some team chemistry going.

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NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 23:  Chauncey Billups ...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Obviously, the true test on whether or not this new dynamic duo will work out is against the Miami Heat, but I believe this somewhat meaningless game against the lowly Bucks could be a barometer or things to come. Much like with the Miami Heat when they first started with their new players, the New York Knicks will need some time to get used to playing with each other, but being in the Big Apple they demand success almost immediately, so the pressure will be on.

It will be interesting to see what happens on Wednesday night in the Big Apple as this could be the beginning of great things to come for the New York Knicks, but unfortunately it will be a must win situation as the Knicks pulled a lot of strings and took a big gamble brining in one of the best offensive players in the game today.

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NBA Matchup: Miami Heat @ Boston Celtics

Miami Heat at Boston Celtics Sun. Feb. 13, 2011 1 p.m. EST

Coming into this NBA regular season, all the attention around the league was centered on LeBron James and the revamped Miami Heat. Even though the Miami Heat weren’t the only team to add big-name players in the summer as the New York Knicks (Amare Stoudemire, Raymond Felton), Chicago Bulls (Carlos Boozer) and Boston Celtics (Shaquille O’Neal, Jermaine O’Neal), LeBron James and company have quickly struck up some team chemistry and are playing as good as any team in the league.

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BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 26:  Paul Pierce #34 of t...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

With a 39-14 record and a first seed in the Eastern Conference, there will be a lot of things on the line this Sunday when the Miami Heat travel to Boston to take on the second seed in the East in the Celtics at TD Garden. This will be a huge game to say the least for both clubs as the Heat will look to show they can beat the best of the best in the East and extend their win streak to nine games while the Celtics will be trying to get back on track after dropping two straight to the Charlotte Bobcats and the Los Angeles Lakers.

In my opinion, right now the Boston Celtics are the best team in the league. They may not have the league’s best record (38-14) and just lost two games in a row to two teams that have beaten this season, but they play consistently well on both ends of the floor every single night. Not only is their consistency impressive, but they also play the best team basketball in the league by getting everyone on the squad involved every single game.

As for the Miami Heat, they have played much better than I anticipated as they have been able to get some team chemistry going quicker than thought possible. The one thing that the Heat do that I believe will be their undoing in the playoffs is playing one-on-one basketball.

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Doc Rivers

Image via Wikipedia

Obviously, when great teams like the Heat struggle on offense it can take one superstar to step up offensively to get the team back on track. Kobe Bryant has done it for years for the Lakers, Carmelo Anthony does it well for the Denver Nuggets and Kevin Durant has made a career out of scoring at will, but on this team it doesn’t work too well in my opinion.

The one guy that tries to do this on the Miami Heat is LeBron James. It is by no means an easy task to go from the man in Cleveland to one of three All-Stars in Miami, but at times it seems to be this team’s Achilles heel.

Against the Boston Celtics this Sunday, I believe Doc Rivers’ and company will look to make this game in which the Miami Heat are forced to play one-on-one and as a result the defending Eastern Conference champions should beat them yet again.

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NBA Matchup: Los Angeles Lakers @ Orlando Magic

Los Angeles Lakers at Orlando Magic Sun. Feb. 13, 2011 3:30 p.m. EST

A few days ago, the two-time defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers were surrounded by trade rumors involving the Denver Nuggets superstar forward Carmelo Anthony. With the Lakers struggling against the best teams in the league in the first half of the NBA regular season, the rumors started to circulate around the league that the defending champs were ready to send Andrew Bynum to the Mile High City in exchange for the All-Star forward.

Coming into Thursday matchup against the arch rival Boston Celtics, the Los Angeles Lakers were considering their second matchup with arguably the best team in the league as a way to see where they stand. In their first meeting, the Lakers were able to keep up the Celtics through the first half, but where then dominated in the second half and lost in convincing fashion. This loss was one of the main reason for the Lakers getting mentioned in numerous trade rumors around the league.

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LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 18:  Marcin Gortat #...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Fortunately, in their second with the Celtics in Boston, the Lakers were able to come out on top with solid performances from Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and most importantly Andrew Bynum. With this win over Boston, the trade rumors have started die down a bit, but they could just as easily ramp up again if they lose to Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic this Sunday.

A win over the Magic would be huge and quite possibly just what the Lakers need to regain some momentum moving forward. Even though Kobe Bryant and company seem to have gotten that edge back with the win over the Boston Celtics, the Orlando Magic are another beast entirely in terms of how they play the game compared to the Boston Celtics.

The Orlando Magic may not be playing at the high level that the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics are playing right now, but they are still one of the best teams in the league and have a legitimate shot of being NBA Finals bound at season’s end. With that being said, they will give the defending champs a run for their money on Sunday, especially since it will be the Lakers fifth game of their seven game road trip.

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The Celtics play with the philosophy of spreading the ball around and getting the best possible shot on every single possession. The easiest shot is the best shot for Doc Rivers’ squad, but the Magic play a little different as they are basically a team with a dominant center in Dwight Howard surrounded by perimeter shooters.

Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant

Image via Wikipedia

The one glaring problem for the Orlando Magic is the fact that they struggle when Dwight Howard can’t get going inside the paint. When that does happen, they kick it out to their perimeter shooters and start jacking up threes all night long.

With that being said, I believe the Los Angeles Lakers will be extremely tough matchup for the Orlando Magic as Dwight Howard will be surrounded by players like Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom. Along with the Lakers clamping down inside the paint, Kobe Bryant seems to be back to form and will be nightmare for the Magic’s guards.

This could ultimately turn out to be a close game, but in the end the defending champs should come out on top and continue their resurgence as a legitimate title contender once again. This will mark the first regular season matchup of two between these NBA heavyweights with their next meeting being in Los Angeles on Mar. 14.

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Super Bowl XLV: Battle of the QBs

All anybody has been able to talk about heading into Super Bowl XLV has been how good these defenses of the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers are and how they will be able dictate the game. At some level, I don’t totally disagree with the fact that this game could be won on the defensive side of the football, but Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger haven’t really been given the credit they deserve as to the league’s best quarterbacks.

Obviously, with an entire two weeks at their disposal, NFL analysts have talked about Big Ben and perennial Pro Bowler Aaron Rodgers, but it has been the defense and players like Clay Matthews and Troy Polamalu that have dominated the headlines.

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Here is a breakdown of the two quarterbacks in Super Bowl XLV and how I think they could be the key to victory for their team this Sunday in Arlington, Texas:

Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsbrgh Steelers

Image via Wikipedia

There only a few players at the quarterback position in the league today that I see can call themselves a Super Bowl champion. Tom Brady of the New England Patriots comes to mind, the Indianapolis Colts four- time NFL MVP Peyton Manning and his little brother Eli Manning of the New York Giants, but only a select few have won more than one Super Bowl title and that’s where the Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Roethlisberger comes in.

Even though he may not put up the numbers like Tom Brady or be as intimidating to opposing defenses like Peyton Manning, Big Ben is the total package at the quarterback position in terms of being a leader on the football field.

Big Ben isn’t the type of quarterback that throws for over 300 yards and three touchdowns, but he is as hard to stop as most of the elite quarterbacks in the league today. Not only does he seem to make the right play at the right time, but he is also incredibly hard to bring down as he’s built like some lineman that protect him.

Ironically enough, even though he has the frame of some of the biggest players on the field, Big Ben can also run and is known for his elusiveness when outside of the pocket.

Despite all of these qualities though, the two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback might have his work cut out for them as he won’t have Pro bowl center Maurkice Pouncey (high ankle sprain) snapping the football and will be trying to avoid Clay Matthews’ pass rush.

Obviously, Big Ben has an impressive resume and is no stranger to these pressure situations, but it will be tough to win a third Super Bowl title this weekend against a hungry Packers’ defense.

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Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Only a few quarterbacks in the history of the NFL have been able to follow up careers of Hall of Famers. Steve Young of the San Francisco 49ers was able to follow in the footsteps of Joe Montana and win two Super Bowl titles, but that is the only big-name that has really been able to defy the odds.

When Aaron Rodgers came into the league he had to sit behind Green Bay Packers legen

ARLINGTON, TX - FEBRUARY 01:  Quarterback Aaro...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

d Brett Favre. Not only was Favre considered a God in Wisconsin, but he was also perhaps the toughest quarterback ever to play in the NFL as he never missed a game.

That can be tough for promising young quarterback to play a backup role, but Aaron Rodgers pulled it off beautifully as he was patient in waiting for his turn which has finally arrived.

With the confidence of the entire Green Bay Packers franchise behind them, Rodgers has been able to go full steam ahead and has quickly become one of the best quarterbacks in this league. Not only does he possess all the skills of an elite quarterback in terms of dominating in the passing game, but he can also be extremely dangerous with his feet as he can scramble with the best of them.

Coming into this game in my opinion, Rodgers is without a doubt the best of the two quarterbacks as he possesses the ability to take over games single-handedly and put the offense on his back to lead them to victory. The Steelers defense might pose some big problems for Rodgers during Super Bowl XLV, but ultimately I see the Packers gunslinger win his first Super Bowl title this Sunday at Cowboys Stadium.

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