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NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

The Green Bay Packers huddle up on the ball.

Lets take a quick look at which NFL teams are looking strong going into the second week of the NFL season.

Baltimore Ravens dominate the Chiefs to set up a showdown with the Steelers

Before this NFL regular season even began, the Baltimore Ravens looked like a vastly improved football team as they have improved on the offense the side of the football every single season…

AFC Wild Card – The Road to the Superbowl

This is a fun match-up because you have Jamaal Charles, who averaged 6.38 yards per carry this season and the Ravens’ physical defense. It’ll be a battle at the line of scrimmage with both teams eager to impose their will.

Final NFL Power Rankings

No matter how many people doubt this team year in and year out about their ability to stay amongst the elite in the NFL, head coach Bill Belichick and his golden boy quarterback Tom Brady…

NFL Wild-card Weekend

AFC Wild-card New York Jets @ Indianapolis Colts Sat. Jan. 8th 8pm EST The New York Jets have gone through a lot this season as they have dealt with controversy on and off the field all year long, but despite of their problems they have been able to suck it up and get back into […]

NFL Week 12: Bucs @ Ravens

Not since 2002, when head coach Jon Gruden was able to lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl championship against his old team in the Oakland Raiders, have Bucs really…

Heading into meaningful games: NFL Rankings

We are going into the second half of the football season and this is what we think.

NFL Week 10: Ravens @ Falcons

The Baltimore Ravens came into this NFL regular season with high hopes of competing for a Super Bowl title and no one could doubt them as they were able to add a key player to the offensive side of the football…

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